The major objective this event is to explore prospects for deeper exchange and collaboration between the Japanese and European research communities in the area of what is referred to as "New-Generation Network (NWGN)" in Japan and "Future Internet (FI)" in Europe.

The event follows the EU-Japan Co-operation Forum on ICT research which was held in Tokyo 4 – 5 March 2008, see, http://www.eurojapan-ict.org/event_report_forum1.php

On this occasion, it was concluded that deeper collaboration between the research communities would be of mutual benefit for both sides, in particular as there are certain possibilities for cross participation in respective research programmes. This Forum was followed by a first symposium in Brussels on 9-10 June 2008, where EU and Japanese activities were introduced. The full set of presentation of this past event can be found at: http://www.ict-fireworks.eu/events/eventview/article/1st-japan-eu-symposium-on-the-new-generation-network-and-the-future-internet.html

With this second iteration, EU and Japanese researchers are offered an opportunity to be updated on the respective research status. The event is designed to address both industry and academic interests and to provide interested Japanese partners with an opportunity to participate in EU research related to the Future Internet.
This event will introduce a broad set of research activities currently running in Japan and under the European 7th Framework Programme for collaborative research.


European Web sites of interest:



Japanese web sites of interest:

http://nwgn.nict.go.jp/ (in Japanese)


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