Managing Mercury Pollution in the 21st century: bridging science and policy

Tentative program and schedule with final titles to be determined and supplied by the lead author


13:00 Opening


I. Environmental Pathways of Mercury
13:05-13:25 Dr. Noelle Selin, MIT – Tracking mercury pollution from emissions to impacts
13:25-13:45 Dr. Vernon Somerset, CSIR (South Africa) – Progress towards mercury monitoring in South Africa: 2013
13:45-14:05 Dr. Jung-Duck Park, Chung-Ang University (Korea) – Mercury and human exposure in Korean adults


II. Ecological Impacts of Mercury
14:10-14:30 Dr. Xinbin Feng, Chinese Academy of Sciences – An overview of mercury pollution in China
14:30-14:50 Dr. Michael Bank, University of Massachusetts – Mercury ecotoxicology, species loss and environmental change
14:50-15:10 Dr. Mineshi Sakamoto, Japan-NIMD – Relationship between trace element concentrations in chorionic tissue of placenta and umbilical cord: Specificity of placental transfer of methylmercury.



III. Managing and Monitoring Mercury in Heterogeneous Environments
15:25-15:45 Mr. Tim Kasten, UNEP – UNEP’s global mercury partnership
15:45-16:05 Ms. Junko Murase, Nomurakohsan Kansai Co. Ltd. Dr. Ludovic Bernaudat, UNIDO – Mercury, Recycling and Industrial Development
16:05-16:25 Ms. Alison Dickson, Environment Canada – Long Range Transport and Bioaccumulation of Mercury in the Arctic
16:25-16:45 Dr. Nicola Pirrone, CNR-Italy – The Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) to Support the Minamata Convention

IV. Summary Remarks
16:45-16:55 Dr. Koji Arizono and Dr. Michael Bank – Brief Summary

V. Panel Discussion



Panel Members

  1. Dr. Koji Arizono, Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan – Mercury and Food Safety and Hygiene
  2. Dr. Mineshi Sakamoto, Japan-NIMD – Mercury and Human Toxicology
  3. Dr. Michael Bank, University of Massachusetts – Ecotoxicology of Mercury and Environmental Health
  4. Dr. Jung-Duck Park, Chung-Ang University – Mercury and Human Exposure
  5. Dr. Ross Smith, Hydrobiology Business – Mercury in South Asia/Pacific Region
  6. Dr. Noelle Selin, MIT – Global Assessment and Modeling of Mercury
  7. Mr. Tim Kasten, UNEP – UNEP Global Mercury Partnership
  8. Dr. Nicola Pirrone, CNR-Italy – Global Mercury Observation System
  9. Dr. Vernon Somerset, CSIR (South Africa) – Mercury in South Africa
  10. Mr. Andrew Helps, Australia, Hg Recovery Ltd. – Mercury in Australia
  11. Ms. Junko Murase, Nomurakohsan Kansai Co. Ltd. – Mercury and Recycling
  12. Dr. Ludovic Bernaudat, UNIDO – Mercury and Industrial Development
  13. Dr. Megumi Yamamoto, Japan-NIMD – Biochemical Impact of Mercury
  14. Dr. Ichiro Takeuchi, Ehime University, Japan - Biochemical Impact of Mercury


VI. Poster Session (40), Educational Exhibits and Refreshments
18:00-19:45 Poster Session